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Dry Fruit Rates in Quetta
Dry Fruit Rates in Quetta

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Dried Fruits Health Benefits

The health benefits of fruit are well known and we are all encouraged to eat at least two pieces of fruit a day and to make fruit and vegetables about half of what is on your plate at every meal.

Fresh fruits are seasonal and dried fruits offer a convenient alternative source of the goodness in fruit in a convenient and concentrated form.

Fruit is often used for diets and weight loss programs. However the overall health value of dried fruit is unclear.

The drying processes to remove the water, but unfortunately this process also removes some of the water soluble vitamins including the B group Vitamins, Vitamin C, and also many of the anti-oxidants.

While much of the goodness, such as protein and fiber, are concentrated by drying, the sugars and carbohydrates are also concentrated. This dramatically increases the calorie content of dried fruit both in terms of weight (per 100g) or volume (per cup or 100ml). More Here

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